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Lesbian former mayor of Houston has hilarious response to Ann Coulter’s tweet about her

Ann Coulter has made a career off ridiculous, unfounded statements designed to get a shocked reaction, and her response to Hurricane Harvey was no exception.

Coulter, responding to a Politico article arguing that Hurricane Harvey is a physical manifestation of what happens when you ignore the dangers of climate change, called that less credible than arguing it was God’s punishment for Houston electing a lesbian mayor.

Coulter did say she doesn’t believe the hurricane can be blamed on that either, but she’s still willing to trot out that old line because: A.) There are actually people who still seriously argue that the queers are to blame for natural disasters, and B.) She’s trolling, like always.

Annise Parker, the former mayor in question, who famously authored the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), did respond. But she didn’t take the outrage bait. Instead, she clapping back with good humor, earning the last laugh.

And, naturally, Twitter loved it.

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