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Fox News hires one of Trump’s biggest anti-trans supporters as new correspondant

Fox News’ latest hire, Tomi Lahren, has been vociferous in her support for President Trump’s capricious ban on transgender service members. She’s also compared the Black Lives Matter movement to the KKK.

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Lahren will have a “signature role on the network’s upcoming digital lineup” according to Variety and will also regularly appear as a pundit on Sean Hannity’s show.

Our friends at GLAAD tipped us to this handy bullet list of Lahren’s greatest anti-LGBT hits:

Anti-Trans Statements

Supported President Trump’s ban on transgender Americans serving openly in the U.S. Military: “The military is not a social experiment. Finally a POTUS who understands the concept. Political correctness=intellectual dishonesty!” Claimed liberals don’t have an actual argument to support transgender service members; adds that people only support it because it “feels right.” Said Trump’s repeal of Obama transgender guidance did nothing more than “return America’s taxpayer funded bathrooms and locker rooms to normal.” Went after and deadnamed Chelsea Manning by saying, “trans traitor Chelsea Bradley Manning,” and “him—well I guess her now.”

Other Anti-LGBT Comments

Criticized pride parade marchers for engaging in resistance against the Trump Administration, filled with untruths about the administration’s supposed support for LGBT people. Lashed out at President Obama’s last State of the Union address, because “he had to throw gay marriage in there. Of course.”

The conservative mouthpiece made her name on social media as versus climbing the traditional political or mass media ladder., so, of course, her Twitter feed is a monumental pile of vacuous balderdash and outright lies.

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