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You can buy a Steve Bannon fidget spinner from Breitbart now, but why would you?

Over at Breitbart they’re selling a fidget spinner emblazoned with their logo and Steve Bannon’s mug and you can pick one up for $7.95. Apparently now that the former White House staffer is out of a job, the site is helping to keep the money flowing into his pockets.

“Leftists need comfort at times like these. Gift them this pacifying item that will give them something to do in between pulling down monuments. Or keep one for yourself!” the sales pitch reads. “Long 2 minute spin time. Stress relief that fits in your pocket.”

When you consider two minutes to be a “long” time, it’s no wonder that Breitbart‘s (until now) favorite President has been dropping staffers like the Black Plague. It’ll probably spin longer than Trump’s new communications director.

In related news, you can buy a piece of Trump if you book a room at his hotel in Washington, DC. Just ask any corporate lobbyist. They’ll tell you how.

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