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A family with two dads is the face of Acne’s fall collection

Swedish clothing company Acne Studios made a couple of American gay dads the face of their Fall 2017 collection.

Kordale Lewis and Kaleb Anthony got internet famous in 2014 when a picture of them doing their daughters’ hair went viral.

Kordale and Kaleb love posting pictures of their family on social media. “When you’re a parent you post pictures of your kids—that’s all you have pictures of!” Kaleb said in an interview published on Acne’s website. “It’s just one of those things that you do.”

Earlier this year, Kordale and Kaleb and their four kids – Desmiray, Maliyah, Kordale Junior and Kaleb Junior – flew from their home in Atlanta, Georgia, to New York City to be photographed for the Acne Studios collection.

“It is also a way of highlighting that while every family is different, we all have the same love and want the best for our children,” Acne spokesperson Jonny Johansson wrote on their site. “There is no ‘normal’ family — all families are normal.”

The resulting photos are beautiful.

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