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Artist reimagines Disney characters as transgender & it’s perfect

A New York City art director who grew up watching Disney movies and loves them for their portrayal of transformation and freedom wondered, where are the transgender characters? So the artist decided to take the initiative to give classic characters like Achilles, Pinocchio, and princesses Ariel, Jasmine, and Tiana a transformative reimagining

“Growing up, I realized that they don’t include a very important category: transgender people,” the artist shared on a post to Bored Panda. “People who more than anyone else know the meaning of and seek for that love, freedom and transformation portrayed by Disney.”

“So I asked myself: What if the most famous movies were to be told as a transgender story? What if they could use their power and following to help tear down the stigmas and taboos about the LGBT community?”

“I’m using all I employ at my job every day – Photoshop and a design tablet – to (hopefully) allow for this happen. Or at least break the tip of the iceberg,” the post concludes.

See the rest of the beautiful creations at Trans Disney on Instagram, and let us know who you would like to see next.

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