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Anti-LGBT pastor says leftist ‘deep state’ responsible for Charlottesville

Remember when Alex Jones recently said that the white supremacists that caused violence and death in Charlottesville were really Hollywood actors from the left? Another right-wing nut has decided to challenge Jones for the title of biggest conspiracy theory spewing moron of the week, and he sees a connection between Charlottesville and Bill Cosby.

He too pushes the so-called “deep state” theory. In a blog post, anti-LGBT pastor Scott Lively claims everything was instigated by “the same network of Bush, Clinton and Obama deep-state intelligence agents, politicians and street activists that’s been working since the election to remove President Trump.”

The crazy train continues:

I think the takedown of Bill Cosby, just as BLM was about to be launched, was a part of this project. “America’s Dad,” with his vast reservoir of good-will among white Americans, and a history of rebuking leftist pop-culture stupidity in the Black community (like telling wanna-be gang-bangers to pull up their pants) was the biggest potential threat to their plan. Reviving quarter-century-old allegations of sexual impropriety against Mr. Cosby was a preemptive strike, like taking out an anti-aircraft battery before flying in the bombers. The Bill Cosby incident is, in my view, directly related to the Charlotte [sic] incident, because they are part of the same conspiracy to create race war – or any kind of civil war they can get — in America.

Lively recently saw charges of “crimes against humanity” against him dropped, brought about over his vocal supporter of a law criminalizing homosexuality in Uganda. He has said that the “gay movement is an evil institution” and suggested that former president Barack Obama was gay because he stood up for LGBT rights.

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