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PHOTOS: Queer families in all their glorious diversity take over P-town

Provincetown, MA, is host to the annual LGBT Family Week, the largest gathering for parents and their kids. Walk down Commercial Street and you’ll see a colorful mix of life: John Waters riding his bicycle, Rachel Maddow walking her dog, Courtney Love at a panel discussion, gay men in short shorts off to Tea Dance, drag queens and strippers promoting their evening performances while queer parents push strollers throught the crowds.

This year, families from 28 states, Europe and Canada came together for a week of events including day camps for kids and panel discussions and meet-ups for adults. Family Equality Council organizes this annual event with help from COLAGE and major corporate sponsors such as Disney, HBO Kids, Johnson & Johnson and Toys R’ Us.

To many of the families that descend on this quaint beach town who do not hail from major urban areas, it’s a rare and welcome sight be around families like their own, whether it be with gender non-conforming parents or with two moms or two dads. For one week, these families are everywhere and many new found friendships and experiences follow them home to sustain them until the next summer.

Here are some of the sights from this year’s Family Week…

Beach Bonfire Night and S’mores


“Littles” gathering with a visit from Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster

Hundreds of families participate in the Pride Parade

Meetups to connect people by region, interest, or family formation

Family Week 2018 will be July 28 – August 4, 2018. More info about Family Week & Family Equality.

Photos: Family Equality Council

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