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Alex Jones’ rant about transgender people may be his most unhinged yet

There is way too much here to unpack. Robots? Brain chips? Transmutantagenic? WTF?

What do you think the tranny stuff’s about? First it’s, “Oh be nice to gay people in the military. Don’t be mean to them.” Sounds reasonable. Now, boom! It’s trannies! And let’s teach sex changes, and give it to anybody you want in the military, and turn it into a giant factory of confusion that will sabotage human operations in the military — ahead of the robots replacing everybody, which is all admitted. And then when you accept the trannies and the sex changes, well, you’ll accept the brain chips and everything else, which they’re now admitting. They simply set a new goal post that sounds incredibly radical so that you’ll accept everything else they were already pushing behind that. And then they can persecute the military and persecute one of the only human cultures left — the male culture of war and defense — and so they can go in and social engineer and take control of that. While they steal from the public all of our basic rights, they give you the right to be transmutantagenic, to end your humanity, because that’s the biological revolution.

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