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A baseball player got suspended immediately for using an anti-gay slur

Oakland A’s outfielder Matt Joyce, 33, got a two-game unpaid suspension immediately following his use of an anti-gay slur.

The incident occurred towards the end of a game Friday night in Anaheim, California. A spectator did not like how Joyce was playing and shouted vulgarities, and Joyce responded in kind and added a homophobic slur and challenged the fan to a fight, according to Associated Press photographer Mark J. Terrill who overheard the incident.

On Saturday, Major League Baseball said that Joyce would be suspended without pay for two games and that he would take part in a public outreach program with PFLAG.

The A’s released a statement saying that they were “disappointed” by Joyce’s language and that it was “unacceptable.” The team will donate Joyce’s $54,000 in lost wages to PFLAG.

As for Joyce, he apologized on Twitter yesterday.

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