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Majority of Americans think trans people should be able to serve in the military

An opinion poll conducted by Reuters shows that the majority of the country disapproves of one of President Trump’s hastily announced executive orders (again). Trump’s ban on transgender military members is not popular with Americans.

58% of adults agreed with the statement, “Transgender people should be allowed to serve in the military.” 27% disagreed.

While almost 1/3 of Republicans agreed with the statement, about half said trans people shouldn’t serve. The overwhelming majority of Democrats opposed the ban.

43% of respondents said the ban would have “no impact” on military capabilities, but 22% said it made the country “less capable.” Almost 1/3 said the ban would “hurt morale.”

Roger Kaikko, a 61-year-old Trump voter from Ohio who participated in the poll, pointed out the reason why he disagrees with the president.

“Even the president shouldn’t be able to take rights away from some people just because he may not like them,” Kaikko said. “They’re people too. Unless they’re causing problems, they should serve just like anybody else.”

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