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This governor just signed an order defying Trump’s anti-trans military order

President Trump tweeted on Wednesday morning that transgender soldiers were banned from the military because they are, in his words, a “distraction” that cost too much money.

In reality, he was just looking to protect his own interests, and went further than those asking him not to side with the transgender community even wanted or expected.

Not everyone is willing to sit idly by and let Trump dump on transgender service members.

Not long after that tweet, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed an executive order reinforcing the state’s nondiscrimination policies in regards to the Connecticut Military Department, NBC News reports.

According to Malloy’s office, he ordered “the Connecticut National Guard, the Connecticut Air National Guard and the other armed forces of the state to take no action that discriminates against service members in enlistment, promotion, or any other aspect of their service, on the basis of their gender identity or expression, unless superseded by federal law, regulation, or formal directive from the U.S. Department of Defense.”

“President Trump’s announcement that he plans to ban transgender individuals from serving in our military is ignorant and profoundly troubling. The reality is that a person’s gender identity or expression has nothing to do with their willingness or ability to defend our nation,” Malloy said in a statement.

“Any able person who wishes to serve in the military should have that right – regardless of race, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. In recent years, our military has made great strides to be more inclusive. The President’s announcement sends a frightening signal to the public that our government condones discrimination and raises serious questions about what other advancements towards inclusion in the military may also be in jeopardy.”

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