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It’s the 4th of July and everybody’s tweeting

Here they are: the gayest Independence Day tweets we could find, as well as many patriotic and otherwise inspiring or just funny holiday-themed messages from queer celebrities and our allies. Along with one guy who keeps saying he’s our ally but has yet to prove it.

Because he’s in here, we also threw in a few other politicians, since they’re either the reason we’re in this mess — or they are the powerful people who will help us to fix it.

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Somebody LGBT retweeted this guy. Who? I dunno, but I liked it, so here it is.

Barack Obama didn’t tweet (yet) but David used to work for him, so here ya go.

We adore you, Janet!

RuPaul, the next generation?

Now this is what we call Freedom! You go, Chelsea!

The funniest Chris Christie on the beach tweet we’ve found. And there are a lot of them.

Can’t wait to see our longtime ally and her Will & Grace team back on TV this fall!

Another celebrity in the LGBT universe retweeted this one and I can’t remember, boo. But it’s got Hamilton in it, so, yay!

Hawt. He’s on YouTube (but you already knew that).

We figured there’s got to be one straight guy reading this. This is for you. And for all our lesbian and bisexual readers, too, of course. That’s not to mean that she’s, oh, never mind.

Speaking of Hiltons…

Well, she is right. #LoveWins

Laverne, we worship you, and this message. P.S. Doubt is back on CBS, so watch!


We are all of us earthlings.

Preach, Monica! If you’re not reading her blog, TransGriot, you’re missing out.

Time for the politicians to weigh in. We ❤️ Ted.

Hillary hasn’t tweeted (yet) but her hubby did. He also won the popular vote. Twice.

And then there’s this. Please try to enjoy all the white (and, yeah, at least 2 Asian) faces in this choir and orchestra, performing “Make America Great Again.” No, really, it’s a song now. Imagine setting Mein Kampf to music.

Thankfully, there is an antidote. Live long and prosper, George Takei.

Finally, what better way to end than with someone dead who (thanks to her family) is still tweeting. Happy Independence Day!

Random movies

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    The Chinese Botanist's Daughters (2006)

    Min Li, a trainee botanist is taken in by An's father. In such a beautiful, but lonely setting where the two are treated badly by the few men they communicate with, the women form a bond which quickly turns to unspeakable love. In a swirl of forbidden passion, love and opiate-induced intoxication they find themselves confronted with a society who will not accept same-sex love, a crime punishable by death.