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2017-07-01 12:36:06


Weekly Debrief: The Supreme Court sides with LGBTs and more

I’m in Madrid this week for World Pride, and we have lots to talk about: a victory at the Supreme Court comes with a troubling dissent from Trump’s appointee, the latest on Chechnya, and activists have managed to pressure the trump administration into doing one good thing for LGBTs.

We’ll have all that and more on Weekly Debrief.

Random movies

  • Sons (2006)  

    Sons (2006)

    Trouble starts when Lars, a 25-year-old with few prospects for the future, discovers that an older man is fooling around with the teenage boys in his suburb. A terrible rage is triggered in Lars, and he embarks on a crusade to stop the abuser. But it soon spins out of control, and Lars' actions end up endangering those he set out to protect.