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PHOTOS: The hauntingly beautiful work of a young queer portrait photographer

“I look at life the same way I look at photographs, the entire image can change just by shifting your focus a little.”

Jason Felix is a young, queer portrait photographer with a unique ability to capture his subjects in a hauntingly beautiful way.

“I remember the first camera I ever received that wasn’t disposable,” reads the About section on Jason’s website, “It changed my view on photography forever. Although my first photographs were at family parties and of my dog, I believe those photographs were important. Every time I hit the shutter, I try to hit it with a purpose, and that purpose changes with every image.” ​ “I use photography to tell a story and I just want to get as many people to listen as possible.”

Here are some of our favorite photos from Jason’s Instagram profile:

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See more of Jason’s work at jasoncaptures.com.

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