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Check out photos from Pride parades this weekend

Pride parades take place all over the world this month, and some of the biggest prides happened over this past weekend. Here are some photos from San Francisco‘s pride.

The city hall was lit up in rainbow colors.

And the parade was, of course, full of rainbows.

Dustin Lance Black took part in the parade.

Some marchers literally printed the internet before going to the parade, making a tweet from Sasha Velour into a sign.

Some marchers had a message of shame considering the injustice that still exists in the world.

Also, Pride happened in New York City.

GLSEN reminded us to think of the youth.

While Lambda Legal reminded attendees about the service they provide LGBT people.

A photographer caught a nice moment of pride at the end of the festivities.

Paris had pride this weekend.

Apparently Sense 8 was big in France.

The march ended with a rally at Place de la République.

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