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Trump’s Appoints Another Homophobe Just in Time for Pride Month

I’m in Copenhagen for a conference this weekend, but as always there’s been a lot of news: Trump has appointed another anti-LGBT activist to a leadership role (happy Pride!) and Texas just revived a bathroom bill that contains a sneak-attack on nondiscrimination for all queer people.

Random movies

  • The Case Against 8 (2014)  

    The Case Against 8 (2014)

    After the California Supreme Court ruled in May 2008 that same-sex couples could marry, a proposition was put to voters to amend the state constitution to define marriage as being between a man and a woman. After that proposition was passed a group decided to challenge the constitutionality of the amendment. This documentary follows the efforts of the plaintiffs and lawyers over four years as the case winds its way through the courts.