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Watch the results come in for Montana’s wild Congressional election

Montana‘s special election seemed to be a long shot for Democrats, hoping political novice Rob Quist could nab the open Congressional seat to replace Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

Republican Greg Gianforte, an entrepreneurial tech billionaire, seemed the obvious favorite in a state that went big for Trump and the seat hasn’t been held by a Democrat in two decades.

But then Gianforte went and body slammed a Guardian political reporter, Ben Jacobs, leading to an assault charge.

How this violent turn of events will affect the race will be seen tonight, as voters have had their say and the results will come in, with national implications as the Democrats hope to give wind at their sails going into the 2018 midterm elections where they hope to win back the House.

This election has taken on particular weight after Democrat Jon Ossoff narrowly missed winning the 50 percent needed in a special election in Georgia to avoid a runoff in June, which will now take place and will be a more difficult election for him to win.

You can watch BuzzFeed News‘ live coverage of the special election results below.

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