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More than a dozen dead after terrorists attack Ariana Grande concert in UK

An explosion that police said was linked to terrorism killed at least 19 people and wounded at least 50 concertgoers at an arena performance by LGBT ally Ariana Grande in Manchester, England Monday night.

Police said the explosion is being judged a terrorist attack unless new information proves otherwise.

“We saw young girls with blood on them, everyone was screaming and people were running,” she said. Video posted to Twitter showed panicked concertgoers running from the arena.

”Ariana is O.K.,” said her publicist, Joseph Carozza. “We are further investigating what happened.”

Many parents were separated from their children during the chaos.

The BBC interviewed one witness, who was waiting outside the Manchester Arena to pick up his wife and daughter, recounting that the “whole building shook,” that there was “carnage everywhere,” and that the explosion appeared to come near the stadium’s ticket area.

“Everyone tried to push people up the stairs,” she recalled, adding that in the chaos, people tried to push past a woman in a wheelchair as children screamed.

She said there was no smoke, just one very loud bang. “It was very, very loud,” she said, adding that her husband thought he had heard a second explosion. “There were shoes on the floor,” left behind by people who had fled, she recalled.

“Just chaos,” she said. “I was trying to tell people to calm down.” She added that the crush of people trying to flee created a perilous situation: “We were being crushed.”

Police issued a statement via Twitter:

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