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Gucci’s new pride-themed sneakers are every fashion queen’s dream come true

Some people say pride has become too commercial. Corporations march in pride parades, contribute megabucks to our leading organizations, and retailers sell pride gear by the bucketloads every May and June. The latest entry in the “Okay, this has hit the disgusting level” competition is Gucci.

Gucci’s new “leather low-top platform sneaker” will let you stand above the crowd at this year’s parade. Literally. Gold leather, black and red racing stripes, and a rainbow platform sole combine into one extravaganza any fashion queen will love (once). And at only $995, who cares how many homeless queer youth that could help? That’s a deal!

But wait, there’s more!

If the first offering is a little too splashy for your tastes, the design house has a more dignified and tasteful offering available. Of course, the “high-top sneaker with rainbow” priced at $695 and the rainbow is fuzzy so this isn’t meant for protesting income inequality and the plight of queer immigrants!

If insanely priced sneakers are your thing, you’re welcome. May your day be full of dreams of pointless consumption. If the capitalist takeover of pride pisses you off, you’re welcome. May your day be full of grousing and complaining about the corporate influence on the LGBT movement.

Happy pride. Be sure to click an ad before you go.

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