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2017-05-20 15:08:06


Weekend Debrief: US Denying Visas to Chechen Refugees

Gay men are still in danger in Chechnya, but US officials may deny visas to the victims as a Russian “investigation” denies that the kidnappings are even happening. Meanwhile, Trump continues to fill his administration with officials opposed to LGBT equality.

I’ll have that news plus actions you can take on Weekly Debrief.

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  • Fish and Elephant (2001)  

    Fish and Elephant (2001)

    Two women, Qun and Ling, have a peaceful and loving relationship. But Qun's mother arrive to pay a visit and, not knowing her daughter is a lesbian, tries to arrange boyfriends for her. And Junjun, Ling's former girlfriend, reappears, after having killed her own father, who abused her.