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Tel Aviv Pride focuses on bisexuality this year

Tel Aviv Pride will be the first bisexuality-themed pride in the world, The Advocate reports.

The pride’s theme draws from an issue that’s important to the organization Israeli Gay Youth. The group’s secretary Liana Meirom said, “Bisexuals are part of the LGBT community but they are suffering from a kind of double discrimination.

“The fact that we are recognizing nonbinary sexual identities is an integral part of our mission as the only LGBT youth organization in Israel,” Meirom said. “We want our youth to feel welcome and loved no matter who they are and what is their sexual preference and love.”

Tel Aviv Pride is set to start on June 3 and the parade is scheduled for June 9. According to their Facebook page, organizers are expecting 200,000 participants.

Past Tel Aviv Pride themes include “Women for a Change” and “Transgender Visibility.”

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