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Donald Trump gets banned from LA’s premiere shopping mall – by a Republican!

Republican mega-donor Rick Caruso is not a fan of Donald Trump.

Caruso, the owner The Grove, of one of Los Angeles‘ fanciest luxury shopping malls, told TMZ that The Groper is not welcome at his property after a tape revealed the presidential candidate bragging about sexually assaulting women.

“I think you’ve gotta be… If you want to be in public office, you have to be compassionate, you have to be a gentleman, you got to be professional, you got to care about people. I just don’t see him being any of that. I think he’s actually a pretty angry human being. I’m just not into that,” he told the TMZ reporter.

When the reporter acknowledges that America is trying to be positive, Caruso notes “I am being positive. That’s as good as I can say about him.”

Caruso may be “one of the most powerful Republicans in that state” according to the site, but

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