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Hillary will reportedly spend millions as part of the ‘resistance’ to Trump

Hillary Clinton doesn’t give up. Just six months after her unexpected loss to Donald Trump in the presidential, the former secretary of state is poised to return to the fray.

No, she’s not running for office. This time, she’s using her team’s fundraising skills for a broader purpose — funding Trump’s opposition.

In the fallout of the November elections, some Democratic donors are reportedly uncertain about how best to use their funds. Clinton’s new organization is expected to help funnel those monies into organizations working to resist the Trump administration’s agenda, sources told Politico.

Clinton has not yet officially announced the group, and her spokesperson declined to comment to Politico, but the organization is expected to launch as soon as next week and will likely be called “Onward Together,” in a nod to her campaign slogan:

She has been in conversation with a wide range of political allies to discuss her next steps for months, but along with her upcoming book, the group — whose existence was first reported by Axios — is the most concrete step. The new organization is not expected to have a large staff, but will instead focus on sending money to other organizations at a time that Democratic donors are largely unsure about how they should be spending their cash.

Clinton has reportedly been working with presidential candidate and Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, her undersecretary of state Judith McHale, campaign finance director and former Clinton Foundation fundraiser Dennis Cheng, and Democratic party strategist Minyon Moore.

After taking a few months to herself for hikes in nature and seeing some Broadway shows, she has slowly but surely returned to the political spotlight, speaking out against Trump’s inaction in Chechnya and commenting on why she thinks she lost the election.

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