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If you have one of these issues, Republicans think you don’t deserve insurance

A short list of pre-existing conditions not covered under #Trumpcare:

AIDS/HIV acid reflux acne ADD addiction Alzheimer’s/dementia anemia aneurysm angioplasty anorexia anxiety arrhythmia arthritis asthma atrial fibrillation autism bariatric surgery basal cell carcinoma bipolar disorder blood clot breast cancer bulimia bypass surgery celiac disease cerebral aneurysm cerebral embolism cerebral palsy cerebral thrombosis cervical cancer colon cancer colon polyps congestive heart failure COPD Crohn’s disease cystic fibrosis DMD depression diabetes disabilities Down syndrome eating disorder enlarged prostate epilepsy glaucoma gout heart disease heart murmur heartburn hemophilia hepatitis C herpes high cholesterol hypertension hysterectomy kidney disease kidney stones kidney transplant leukemia lung cancer lupus lymphoma mental health issues migraines MS muscular dystrophy narcolepsy nasal polyps obesity OCD organ transplant osteoporosis pacemaker panic disorder paralysis paraplegia Parkinson’s disease pregnancy restless leg syndrome schizophrenia seasonal affective disorder seizures sickle cell disease skin cancer sleep apnea sleep disorders stent stroke thyroid issues tooth disease tuberculosis ulcers

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