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Capital Pride fires executive producer for transphobic conservative blog post

Capital Pride Alliance has confirmed to LGBT Nation that its executive director asked volunteer executive producer Bryan Pruitt to resign Wednesday, following the revelation of a 2016 blog he wrote that was both transphobic and attacked what he called “the gay left.”

The blogpost in Red State, a conservative political site, was published almost a year ago and headlined, “Grabbing Defeat from the Jaws of Victory.” It predicted the fallout that did in fact happen when Hillary Clinton won the presidential election to Donald Trump.

An LGBT collective named No Justice No Pride publicized the May 2016 item Tuesday, noting how Pruitt claimed that “true trans people” have no problems using public bathrooms, because they go undetected.

There is not an epidemic of trans people being denied access to public facilities. Trans people safely use bathrooms every day, mostly because if they are truly trans, other folks don’t even notice.

Pruitt did not respond by press time to our request for comment sent via social media.

Peter Morgan, marketing director at the alliance, told LGBT Nation by phone that executive director Ryan Bos himself requested Pruitt’s resignation, effective immediately.

No Justice No Pride called that a “victory for the community” but made clear its organizers are not satisfied, and they issued a news release Thursday, and published it on Medium.

They’re demanding Capital Pride undergo “a wave of change,” alleging that the nonprofit “colluded with the very forces that oppress queer and trans individuals. Their willingness to turn a blind eye to transphobia, accept money from corporations that profit off of the incarceration of queer and trans people — predominantly queer and trans people of color — and celebrate the Metropolitan Police Department, indicate a fundamental disregard for large swaths of our community.”

The accusations against the MPD are that its officers “harass and arrest women guilty of walking while trans. The same MPD in which officers have repeatedly shot and assaulted trans women of color, and countless Black youth.”

The group is also critical of Capital Pride appointing Wells Fargo executive Jesse Bonales to its board, because of what it sees as collusion between the banking conglomerate and right wing causes.

Capital Pride has historically endorsed and accepted sponsorship from large corporations that directly impact and hurt our communities. Wells Fargo, for example — commonly known for its financial role funding the Dakota Access Pipeline, is a major investor in private prisons and immigrant detention centers — their shares are booming under President Trump. Capital Pride even holds all of their funds in a Wells Fargo account, and has given a spot on their board to Wells Fargo employee Jesse Bonales.

Bonales did not respond to a request for comment sent via social media as of press time.

Morgan told us at this point his group is moving on.