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The internet is pissed Pepsi & Kendall Jenner turned activism into a fad

If there’s only one television commercial you watch today, this is the one everybody’s talking about: Pepsi’s “Live for Now” campaign featuring Kendall Jenner as a supermodel who ditches her blonde wig and smudges away her perfect burgundy lipstick to join attractive, young and diverse protesters marching for… or is it against…. what?

It’s not clear, other than they are really into the symbolism for “peace,” from the signs they hold and wave. One of the demonstrators might be transgender.

But then “the moment” comes, as Jenner grabs an ice-cold Pepsi, which actors have been drinking throughout the artfully-filmed ad, and the Kardashian girl whose parents are Caitlyn and Kris Jenner hands one to one of the stoic police officers lining the protest march, who drinks it and…

Cue the cheering crowds! And cut.

The reaction on Twitter, especially from actual activists, is best described as “WTF?”

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