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Add your voice to the outrage over HB2 non-repeal

Reactions from LGBT organizations to Thursday‘s revision of HB2 in North Carolina were swift and stern.

Mara Keisling of the National Center for Transgender Equality called the bill “cynical” on Twitter.

And Chase Strangio of the ACLU said that LGBT people are the “biggest losers” in the bill.

The headline on HRC’s website calls the bill “shameful.” “After more than a year of inaction, today North Carolina lawmakers doubled-down on discrimination,” HRC president Chad Griffin said in a statement.

Equality North Carolina repeated the “double down” language. “Lawmakers and Governor Cooper have failed to resolve the problems with HB2 by doubling down on discrimination,” said Chris Sgro of Equality North Carolina.

Lambda Legal said that the revision was “unacceptable.”

Athlete Ally, an organization that fights anti-LGBT discrimination in sports, said the revision may not be acceptable to the NCAA, which has threatened to pull games from North Carolina because of HB2.

Even non-LGBT organizations joined in condemning the measure. Planned Parenthood’s president Cecile Richards responded on Twitter.

The presidents of Voto Latino and the American Federation of Teachers also oppose the bill.

And MoveOn released video.

Even some businesses stated their support for LGBT rights.

And celebrities like Jane Fonda, Laverne Cox, and Montel Williams joined in.

But when Caitlyn Jenner tweeted her opposition, she got hammered.

After the deal between Republicans in the legislature and the Democratic governor was announced, Governor Roy Cooper said that this was “best deal that we could get.” What do you think? Tell us in the comments below, send us a tweet, or post your comment on our Facebook page.

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