Steel (2015)

Steel (2015)

Director Sven J. Matten

Writer Sven J. Matten, Melissa Kajpust

Genre Drama, Romance

Year 2015

Actors Chad Connell, David Cameron, Mimi Kuzyk, Tamara Gorski

IMDB : 5.5 (218 votes)


Description Strong emotions - fear and panic, self-search and isolation, love and sex, self-denial and self-discovery - a ride on an emotional roller coaster while trying to find one's way into life.


  • Daniel Felipe 2016-12-05 15:31:27
    Chad connell in everyday or real life is not gay, right? Because the boy is sexy, and then it would not be strange to see him with another man.
  • pier dawson 2016-10-26 14:43:39
    the trailer is a piece of shit, but the movie is one of my favorites
  • Ainesh Prashad 2016-10-17 15:22:24
    need to watch sure to be a great movie
  • Redemtion t.w 2016-09-19 07:09:50
    cheap acting boring as fuck lol
  • mysterychemistry 2016-09-17 14:48:33
    the sound production. where is it?
  • RYKER J. 2016-09-09 19:00:13
    Great movie. Chad Connell who played Daniel, is not only very handsome but an exceptional actor.
  • kristeen boney 2016-07-04 19:28:05
    is there anywhere to watch this for free somewhere that is virus free?
  • Jonathan Sk 2016-07-03 15:36:24
    Daniel came a long way with Alexander but the end isn't what it supposed to be. Anyways the whole movie is amazing. Great Job.
  • benardo Olivier 2016-06-14 04:37:36
    please can anyone get me a link to get this film plsssssssssss
  • Valon Kosova 2016-04-24 15:58:31
    I loved this movie.
  • Floppy McCheesebag 2016-04-19 15:46:49
    Its hopeless... i will never be able to watch this movie.
  • Rose 2016-02-28 03:45:42
    This movie needs a soundtrack!!!
  • leftatalbuquerque 2016-02-12 22:24:17
    This movie was up on Youtube in its entirety until Feb 11/2016. It is worth seeing. DO NOT GO TO ANY BLOGSPOTS TO SEE IT - major virus alert! (ask me how I know!)

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