Three to Tango (1999)

Three to Tango (1999)

Director Damon Santostefano

Writer Rodney Patrick Vaccaro (story), Rodney Patrick Vaccaro (screenplay), Aline Brosh McKenna (screenplay)

Genre Comedy, Romance

Year 1999

Actors Matthew Perry, Neve Campbell, Dylan McDermott, Oliver Platt

IMDB : 6.1 (16,359 votes)


Description A rich businessman, Dylan McDermott, mistakenly believes that Matthew Perry, who is bidding on a $90 million restoration contract, is gay and asks him to keep tabs on his mistress, Neve Campbell. Perry, who is not gay, falls for Neve in a big way but she thinks he's gay.


  • EightAndAHalf1 2017-03-04 11:38:01
    They left out the best part, when Matthew Perry says "I'm not gay, I didn'"
  • Ived prash 2017-02-06 05:26:43
    Oh I jus keep goin from Mathew to Matt to Lisa to Jennifer to David to Courtney here & I'm loving seeing them here too but it feels something missing as they'rent together :( :)
  • Burda Ellis 2017-01-13 09:12:03
    i miss when movies were like the 90s, now its 2010s and movies nowadays are all over the place. but at least we still have 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s disney remakes into live-action films to look forward to, xD
  • otep fish 2016-12-27 10:30:41
    Everybody thinks chandler is gay
  • Jamie B 2016-12-17 02:19:14
    so much cheese!
  • M 2016-09-04 23:30:00
    I need to rewatch this...

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