Nowhere (1997)

Nowhere (1997)

Director Gregg Araki

Writer Gregg Araki

Genre Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi

Year 1997

Actors James Duval, Rachel True, Nathan Bexton, Chiara Mastroianni

IMDB : 6.4 (6,660 votes)


Description Follows a day in the lives of a group of high school kids Los Angeles and the strange lives they lead.


  • Christina Moreau 2017-02-21 18:37:15
    what song in the trailer?
  • Daria Nosdrahcir 2016-06-10 06:20:25
    So odd, so strange, so weird, so awesome.
  • CultEscapee87 2016-03-01 17:58:59
    One of the strangest movies I've ever seen
  • cannfodder1 2015-12-06 06:47:01
    Where is  Gibbie????????
  • lyricsfromsweden 2015-09-22 00:25:33
    Does anybody know which song is playing in the beginning of the film in the shower? Because I've been watching that scene over and over and over again but I can't find the song fucking anywhere.
  • Black Pride 365 2015-06-10 03:18:34
    Awesome Film!
  • KevinPhillippe 2015-04-26 20:27:53
    Cool awesome movie !! I'm probably the only one in the whole world wo keeps watching this movie at least once or twice every year since 1997 because it's so beautiful, it's a trip you can't imagin.. beautiful people beautiful cinematography this is the alltime height of a visual experience and the music is fantastic too. I wish I could personally thank Mr Araki for this :-)
  • David Arriaga 2015-02-01 10:58:09
    The trailer is better then the movie