The Kids Are All Right (2010)

The Kids Are All Right (2010)

Director Lisa Cholodenko

Writer Lisa Cholodenko, Stuart Blumberg

Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance

Year 2010

Actors Julianne Moore, Annette Bening, Mark Ruffalo, Mia Wasikowska

IMDB : 7.1 (111,468 votes)


Description Two children conceived by artificial insemination bring their biological father into their non-traditional family life.


  • Pur3xOwNaGe 2010-08-08 22:18:38
    wow...this movie is pathetic. Movie producers trying to condone gay paternal families are okay..which essentially condones being gay as a good thing. Fuck Fags. at least make them hot and have them make out or something. not ugly dikes that have buzz cuts.....straight pride(being normal pride)...hmmm that was fun venting on this horrible movie..:)
  • jma2slr 2010-08-08 20:13:35
    *Hugs* :3
  • shaelurr 2010-08-08 16:20:43
    @BobbyHille or maybee im just more open minded :) not everyone is the same, not every family is the same. thats what makes life well, life. why do you spend your time creeping on this video anyway? i see there are replies to and from you before this one..
  • BobbyHille 2010-08-08 14:41:15
    @shaelurr I hope you were only kidding and you are really not that easily convinced. It's a movie, they could make a Hitler look like a good guy in a movie. If you are really concerned my advice would be to get your information elsewhere, this movie would be totally biased, considering the name is "The kids are Alright".
  • shaelurr 2010-08-07 23:18:14
    this actually looks really good! im not gonna lie, i myself had some hesitations towards gay couples raising children even though i dont look at gays much differently than straight people. this movie just might change my mind, and it looks pretty funny too!
  • Zach Hale 2010-08-07 05:46:28
    @daccord1 No kidding. That's what I was thinking the whole time. :p
  • TezRobFan 2010-08-07 03:57:16
    This is one of the best movie i've seen this year so far. I think that the cast is amazing.. without them it wouldn't be that great.. 100 times wow for Annette Bening.. she was awesome!:)
  • Jasmy13 2010-08-07 01:13:52
    Why is it a recipe for disaster?
  • BobbyHille 2010-08-06 00:00:28
    This is ridiculous. Hey, let's show people that it's okay for gay people to raise children, WTF EVER! Total bullshit and a recipe for disaster! Homosexuality is a mental illness, it should never be accepted condoned or definitely not glamorized like in this movie.
  • Smoke_KingLA 2010-08-05 14:41:12
    @Quavu gay women you deserve a neck and a rip for that so your saying gay they like men lesbians
  • karrtt1234 2010-08-05 14:25:47
    @RickardoMute I am so sure... he doesn't give a rats ass !
  • yaz 2010-08-05 04:21:19
    HAHAHA 1:45-1:49 "thats not a look. its just my face"
  • Xelx 2010-08-04 01:35:40
    take out "Are All" and put "aren't" and listen to great music
  • Extertainment 2010-08-03 17:44:15
    Am I the only one who thinks the girl from alice in wonderland is gorgeous?
  • Phaedra Gruver 2010-08-03 17:23:54
    I so want to see this xD
  • RickardoMute 2010-08-02 13:04:19
    I just dont understand ..... there how could a title that was once attached to one of the greatest rock songs and rock movies of all time, can now be a title to a movie about some lezbians and a sperm donor.... i wonder what Pete Townsend thinks of this
  • DoctorChibi740 2010-08-01 18:37:50
    Moral of the story: Lesbians are people too.... duh.
  • philip lee 2010-08-01 08:58:19
    @daccord1 If it does I'll go see it! :D
  • TheAlejendro143 2010-08-01 02:23:32
    The title and the movie doesn't make sense and the description doesn't say anything about "sex" and the hole film is about sex. I didn't like it very much. thanks.
  • jonov123 2010-07-30 05:34:49
    Whats The Name OF the Song By The Strokes?

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