Reaching for the Moon (2013)

Reaching for the Moon (2013)

Director Bruno Barreto

Writer Matthew Chapman (screenplay), Julie Sayres (screenplay), Carmen L. Oliveira (based on the novel "Flores raras e banalíssimas" by), Carolina Kotscho (based on the screenplay by)

Genre Biography, Drama, Romance

Year 2013

Actors Glória Pires, Miranda Otto, Tracy Middendorf, Marcello Airoldi

IMDB : 7.0 (1,902 votes)


Description A chronicle of the tragic love affair between American poet Elizabeth Bishop and Brazilian architect Lota de Macedo Soares.


  • Phoenix Dawn 2016-10-01 21:40:34
    James merkel..and you are what ? - the alternative ?...oh please seek therapy you must of spent 3 days posting this crap
  • gbdeck200 2016-05-28 21:54:13
    intriguing same person in comments so wow
  • alina Moxley 2016-05-03 04:55:12
    What is the name of the song at :28? the one they are singing in the car...anyone?
  • Andrea Khalil 2016-02-11 19:41:25
    What's the name of the song at 1:21???
  • xxwrathestxx 2016-01-06 02:16:46
    what´s the brazilian song name?
  • 05: 05 2015-10-19 07:53:30
    0:27 "welcom to BRAZILLL" :D
  • James Merkel 2015-07-15 20:38:21
    Lets not forget the Muslum(even heavier burden/religion)born from the same Law/father, (true 1/2brothers only a tool of the devil) NOW sharing n this burden w/out the blessings & instead of bring up the line of salvation, they bring up the line directly opposing him.
  • James Merkel 2015-07-15 20:22:38
    1side of this bipolar coin rebelled n Heaven sowed this bad seed n2 GOD new creation & birthed u n2 this prison. The other comes 1st as a man & dies to free the captive the captives from this bondage. The eil 1 set himself up as a cheap copy of GOD & heaven. The other is coming to rescue us from slavery to this false master & restore all back n2 the fold w/GOD. u ck 3 chances to show yourself worth of that trust & grace, only catch being is that the story that is life/destiny). The Law was the means to make the burden of those who had rebelled carry this punishment n2 the Earthly realm. The good seed is getting caught & deceived by the devil to do just what he did & to share his punishment. That is why HE didn't want them 2 mingle their seed, & why the special blindness to the truth. GOD will only allow this evil seed to go so far b4 it would devourer/destroy it self. 2 times HE wiped the slate clean w/1 more to come, then grace is over & NOW u hve 2 prove your love.
  • James Merkel 2015-07-15 19:59:07
    ack,some may think, defective or not I was born this way & like n the garden GOD rejected the bad seed & loved the good seed. True but the SON can bring u back n2 the fold not satan/666 guy. If u r here because of sin then how can u reject the 1 who sowed your seedsin ,but u Must Do Just That! The rest is just an illusion(a grand 1 but a lie just the same).
  • James Merkel 2015-07-15 16:45:46
    life is the best fiction.
  • James Merkel 2015-07-15 16:45:06
    WoW the Ending & irony is sublime, 4 stars.
  • James Merkel 2015-07-15 15:53:37
    more than 1/2 way & still going strong if I were to rate it here it would b 3.5stars, must see quality.
  • James Merkel 2015-07-15 15:25:45
    Being the artist type my self, I must address the fact that being creative n itself is a rebellious act. This has been the case from the very being I am sure. Why walk when we can fly! Drugs hve been a way for many an artist to reach new heights. Manly nature, female it is all prt of the plan. Again it's that bal thing r u building on or wiping the whole slate clean & saying to hell w/ gravity I thing I should hang & live hanging/up side down.
  • James Merkel 2015-07-15 15:03:36
    This dark way will n time destroy everything(it is much easier to destroy/kill than to build/save lives). So HE Has & will Step n when the time He has given up completes. We r T-62 days from said time. Broad is the way... ; Narrow is the gate... It is easy to find similar likes & companion ship w/same sex. Guys like football & girls like shopping, that same loving, nurturing, compassionate, ungodly relationship can b had w/ the opposite sex. It may b harder to find, it may b impossible, but GOD has a plan that includes your happiness. It may not b n this current evil world but the next, when u r made whole & eternal like HIM.
  • James Merkel 2015-07-15 14:51:17
    it's like the chess master I comm on Out of Bal. For the fools that believe n evolution it taken to it's full course will self destruct. Repression of r instinct r bad taken out of bal Priest/monk like. U can satifiy a natural desire on your own, w/a person of the opposite sex or as we hve here same sex. Of couse it feel good & right & natural but it is Out of Bal. U r saying 2 hel w/ your family/name your culture, the world, nothing is as important not even the creator of space & time/DNA/etc, just your desires. Do u think n every married straight man there is not a natural desire for passion, new, to spread his seed. GOD created this world to deal w/ a problem n heaven that was born of HIM. The devil sowed this seed that caused ppl to b born defective. Then feed the nature w/ a rebellious spirit. That is why JESUS had 2 come n the flesh & die for r sins. GOD clearly has laid out a picture of what HE wants & expects of US. JESUS gave US a way to reach this state.
  • James Merkel 2015-07-15 14:39:14
    1016 ox, a cow(this s not a good sin); 253 ah!, alas!, more w/out grief, free from pain(picture of eternal salvation); 167 uncleanness, impurity(bad seed sowed), to move a tent(time n wilderness purifying); 457 insufficiency, futility, idols, worthless(all this chasing after evil will all b destroyed, because they hve no power, even dark power will b destroyed/has been ; 203 uncircumcised (pretty clear there is a clean thing & an unclean thing).
  • James Merkel 2015-07-15 14:33:15
    Lets start w/ my comment #15 to do good, something which profits others; 503 face, to produce thousands(this type of film is a great tempter 2 this sin as is almost of of film, but it can also b a way 2 show/educate a ppl to the fullpicture of this sin W/Out hving to partake of it324 received, welcome, take up, catch,"up completing a process, intensifying, up to the limit(last of the bride comes n)"(we can see the happening right b4 r eyes NOW, the rapture of the church)...
  • James Merkel 2015-07-15 13:58:07
    let me start w/the codes like always Time pop 9:57 ;503 ;324 ;15 ;1016 ;253 ;167 ;457 ;203 ;15 ;
  • James Merkel 2015-07-15 13:55:03
    prt way n, tried to stop & delete & watch something else from 37' but it just could not match this very powerful movie so far. A ton of thinks need 2 b said about this because it is so forefront on the critical issue of r time. I almost need dragon speak to talk so the words & ideas would flow more freely & more accurately convene range/pnt.
  • 2015-06-01 00:42:35
    it's on Netflix

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