Bitch Slap (2009)

Bitch Slap (2009)

Director Rick Jacobson

Writer Rick Jacobson (poet laureate), Eric Gruendemann (poet laureate)

Genre Action, Comedy, Crime

Year 2009

Actors Julia Voth, Erin Cummings, America Olivo, Michael Hurst

IMDB : 4.5 (12,038 votes)


Description Three bad girls travel to a remote desert hideaway to steal $200 million in diamonds from a ruthless underworld kingpin.


  • Darkash666 2010-02-07 11:50:08
  • TINTASMEN TOP FREE GAMES 2010-02-06 00:00:46
    boobiesssssss!!! :D
  • Ilyas Sheik 2010-02-01 20:22:13
    tits or gtfo ;D hehee
  • gamegtx 2010-02-01 04:31:49
    This movie looks so bad it's awesome! i have to watch it
  • foamed 2010-01-31 12:56:57
    This movie is not meant to be taken serious. It's like the old grindhouse movies. Over the top unrealistic action mixed with bad acting. Just look at Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's: Planet Terror and Deathproof which came out a few years ago.
  • mullerhun 2010-01-31 00:33:57
    Where's the porn version of it?:D
  • Oskar Sjögren 2010-01-26 20:43:17
    Almost like a soft-core porn, but with explosions... Awesome!
  • Łukasz Brz 2010-01-23 15:24:17
    i agree this cant be serious
  • rainbow4w 2010-01-20 08:07:41
    Oh my bad.....You should definitely watch it then.
  • Vurtne 2010-01-19 12:06:54
    and? never seen a hot girl before?
  • rainbow4w 2010-01-19 07:07:06
    I liked it. It's got some VERY HOT girl girl scenes.
  • Logitec007 Games 2010-01-18 06:49:54
    Bitch Slap was nothing but Kill Bill with poor acting and horrable plot.
  • Vurtne 2010-01-17 12:48:20
    glad im not gonna see this shit
  • TheHipAndWithItCrew 2010-01-05 18:59:30
    jesus christ tht film sucks. There a green screen fail in every clip. but it has boobs.
  • MDQ01 2010-01-03 19:18:35
    so u must be gay then lol
  • Major League Griefing 2010-01-02 07:49:46
    OK guys, I've actually seen the movie, it was pre released in Singapore a few days back. It actually blew my mind. Don't let the trailer fool you, this movie actually has a deep and under lying message. The action scenes are fast paced and visually stunning. I enjoyed my time highly when I watched this, might even be the best movie of 2009.
  • Woodzy1803 2010-01-02 07:40:12
    so the boobs are the storyline?
  • gbthrilla 2010-01-02 04:46:56
    this better be a fuckin porno
  • indianacheckers 2010-01-02 01:21:39
    ug, this is horrible

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