Body Without Soul (1996)

Body Without Soul (1996)

Director Wiktor Grodecki

Writer Wiktor Grodecki

Genre Documentary

Year 1996

IMDB : 6.2 (427 votes)


Description Documentary look at doomed male prostitutes in Prague, ages 15 to 18, who troll at the public swimming pool, the train station, a video arcade, and a disco. After the boys talk about how they got in the game, the camera follows them to the home of Pavel Rousek. Under the name Hans Miller, he makes gay porno videos, primarily for German distribution. Intercut with a movie shoot chez Rousek is an interview that follows him to his day job at a morgue, where he performs an autopsy as he talks about his work. The sex is without protection; the boys are without family. They talk about their bodies and souls, money, their sexual orientation, AIDS, their dreams, and death.


  • Tanafun Upun 2015-03-06 23:51:02
    Wow..i love the song , Any1 know ?? what the song name ??
  • LEČÍTEL VÁCLAV KREJZA 2014-09-25 23:19:31
    GAY PROSTITUTI A JE JICH OSUDY TO JE RELALITA Tělo bez Duše Směr .: Wiktor Grodecki "Dokumentární pohled na odsouzeny mužské prostitutky v Praze, ve věku 15-18, kteří troll na veřejném bazénu, vlakové nádraží, video pasáž a disco. Poté, co kluci mluví o tom, jak se dostali do hry, kamera sleduje je do domu Pavel Rousek. Pod jménem Hans Miller, dělá gay porno videa, a to především pro německou distribuci. proložené film střílet chez Rousek je rozhovor, který ho následuje jeho denní práci v márnici, kde se provádí . pitva, jak mluví o své práci je sex bez ochrany, kluci jsou bez rodiny mluví o jejich těla a duše, peníze, jejich sexuální orientace, AIDS, jejich sny a smrti. ".
  • HellsAngels 2014-07-10 11:43:21
    I feel sorry for the boys.....
  • liv et taylor 2012-04-10 06:42:33
    while I agree that this video kinda sucks, the original documentary could be highly considered objectifying as well. The romantic music and obviously posed camera shots had all the pathos of a rembrant painting. call a spade a spade.

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