Out in the Silence (2009)

Out in the Silence (2009)

Director Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson

Genre Documentary, Comedy, Family

Year 2009

Actors C.J. Bills, Diane Granley, Linda Henderson, Roxanne Hitchcock

IMDB : 5.6 (349 votes)


Description The announcement of filmmaker Joe Wilson's wedding to another man ignites a firestorm of controversy in his small hometown and a plea for help from the mother of a gay teen being tormented at school.


  • Shawna H 2015-08-26 09:05:38
    Even if this story is fake, there are plenty of homosexuals facing discrimination based on just loving the same sex they are.  Why is it anyone else's business what sex anyone else is attracted too?? you don't have control over it, just like you have no control over what race you are born.  Discrimination based on things that can't be controlled doesn't make sense at all.  No one should have to feel hated based on something they have no control over and what they do with consenting adults is their business unless they involve others.  I'm straight, but i have seen my gay friend be bullied for being gay.  I have known him since preschool and yes he's always been gay and it was not a choice, so people need to grow up and realize that.  Gay people aren't gay to piss off straight people, just like straight people aren't straight to piss off gay people.  If you discriminate against people for things they have no control over, you are part of the problem and not helping anyone.  Causing misery and despair makes you the problem, not them.
  • AfekasiFab 2015-06-06 21:49:34
    So apparently this Cj is now straight, has a child, has aired his 'baby mama' drama publicly, and echoes some real redneck 'hardboy' republican sentiment. He shouldn't have been the focus of this documentary, but rather the lesbians. I feel like I wasted time watching this.
  • pankometa 2012-04-04 22:18:45
    His facebook says he is straight, in relationship with a girl and a father ! Just look him up CJ Bills
  • dragonfairy 2011-11-16 04:55:59
    Just saw the movie when they came to Oswego and I loved it so much. It's such an insperation
  • puretrash09 2011-08-31 17:09:37
    C.J s my space says that he is now straight. Something just isnt right about this story. I am gay and know you cant go from straight to gay and then back again.I smell a rat here.
  • paulpittsburgh 2011-07-13 05:25:58
    I came across this movie while flipping through Hulu.com. WHAT A JOY! I laughed, I cried and I was blessed to find this film. My journey in being a gay man had it's bumps in the road, but nothing like these people have experienced. They overcame so many obstacles and showed the people of Oil City and the world what love and understanding can accomplish.
  • zanthus7 2011-07-06 18:53:54
    @alexandertigerstorm6 I commend you for staying & enduring that ignorance but at the same time, I encourage you to leave that town, move to a progressive area where you & your partner can be free to live the way you want. You should live in an area where you can publically act as a couple & not worry that someone will speak ill of you or try to harm you. I live in the DC metro area & things are better here. Homophobes are everywhere but so are we. If you're happy, great, if not, leave.
  • zanthus7 2011-07-06 18:45:38
    It's because of small minds like those from that small town is partly the reason why I left my small home town in NC. I know people do change, my father changed and we have a great relationship but I can't wait for an entire town to accept me so I left and have never regretted that decision. Now when I visit, my time limit is 3 days because it’s like walking back in time by 20 years. Same mentality from so long ago. It is sad and I hurt for young gays who are still there.
  • JustLoveMovies 2010-12-30 21:47:10
    I seriously shed a tear just reading the description... :'( I can't believe some people are so narrow-minded. Love is love. Why can't everybody see that!?
  • asyarihahaha 2010-12-21 01:50:33
    I wanna date CJ Bills .. looks like a cool guy!
  • Kat E 2010-06-27 18:36:36
    @dannlynch You know Danny I totally agree with you!! Love you and miss you!
  • MrMusicFlood 2010-06-27 14:10:09
    this looks interesting
  • dannlynch 2010-06-05 08:27:24
    mind boggling ignorance never seems to boggle my mind. they're just scared. aw, silly little stupid people.it's ok now :)

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