Gossip Girl (2007)

Gossip Girl (2007)

Writer Stephanie Savage, Josh Schwartz

Genre Drama, Romance

Year 2007

Actors Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford

IMDB : 7.4 (114,955 votes)


Description Gossip Girl follows the lives of privileged teenagers on the upper east side. Serena Van Der Woodsen is a blonde and beautiful socialite, Everyone knows Serena. Blair Waldorf is Serena's best friend but it's always about Serena not Blair. Nate Archibald is Blair's boyfriend but ever since Serena came back from boarding school Nate has been acting strange? Chuck Bass a rich and arrogant person. Daniel Humphrey a loney boy from Brooklyn, NY who nobody knows. Follow the lives of this guilty pleasure show.


  • Silent Key 2017-03-06 02:45:48
  • YouRose 2017-01-20 23:50:56
    When you are watching the final of the show and now watch this trailer... It's incredinle the change of the show and the actors!!
  • Deonna Williams 2016-12-30 09:23:34
    I think that the first season was my favorite one. Just seeing them so young makes me want to cry
  • TheRomanRuler 2016-11-27 19:48:07
    Horrible trailer for a great show. Would not watch show based on this.
  • Olivia Peterson 2016-08-23 19:34:29
    it's like PLL
  • Isabella Galarza 2016-08-03 21:26:56
    Should I watch this show?
  • Marian Mohamed 2016-08-01 14:20:42
    This trailer is nothing compared to how excellent the show is best show since one tree hill for a fact
  • Daniel Aguilar 2016-07-16 05:26:23
    i watch this with girlfriend all the time and i love it and i love chuck
  • Daniel Aguilar 2016-07-16 05:25:46
    awesome show
  • Dina G. 2016-07-06 02:47:48
    chuck lowkey looks like pretty-odd-era of brendon urie
  • awwlexis 2016-06-24 03:42:17
    This trailer does not do the actual show justice
  • Emilyy 2016-06-18 14:28:04
    Trailer didnt show this amazing series justice smh. They literally only summerized like the first 3 episodes
  • Joshua Serrato 2016-05-16 15:08:37
    I stopped watching after Jenny left, the show just wasn't the same and then they wrote off Vanessa too. Ivy was a pointless replacement for them both. Blair getting with Dan was the moment the show jumped the shark, their love/hate "friendship" was one of the best things about the show, their relationship being a tricky friendship was what gave the 2 characters great storylines and great scenes. Every character pretty much hooked up with every other character with the exceptions of Dan and Blair, Serena and Chuck, and Dan and Jenny (they were related). So with Serena and Blair being best friends, and with Serena loving Dan, while Blair loved Chuck, it was great that Serena and Chuck had developed a strong brother/sister relationship while Blair and Dan had developed a very strong friendship neither one wanted to admit existed. As soon as Dan and Blair had sex I felt like Serena and Blair's friendship was pretty gross considering everyone knew Serena and Dan were endgame. Not only that but there was never any hints that Dan liked Blair in earlier seasons, the writers pretty much pulled that out of their asses to shock the viewers, but all they did was piss off a lot of fans. Blair and Dan were never hinted, they were never going to end up together, so them getting then together for a cheap shocker just to ruin the dynamics of the show was a really stupid thing to do. I hated the show after that.
  • WithJewelsWithin 2016-04-24 18:23:36
    this is such a crappy trailer
  • Jessica Lin 2016-04-04 02:11:53
    *looks for trailer* *finds the entire season spoiled in 6 minutes* well, now i dont have to watch it.
  • Diletta Dile 2016-04-01 19:43:09
    Miss this show so much !!! The best ever
  • Kyra van Balen 2016-02-02 19:49:29
    wHERE IS ERIC IN THE TRAILER *cries in a corner* I... I lo-love... hi-him.....
  • Andreea Nicolae 2016-02-02 18:27:13
    what's music 1:10?
  • Rosemarie 2015-12-29 01:13:07
    There's a mobile visual novel/otome game for this.
  • thuy nguyen 2015-12-16 06:40:32
    what is the song at 0.01

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