Young Americans (2000)

Young Americans (2000)

Writer Steve Antin

Genre Drama

Year 2000

Actors Mark Famiglietti, Katherine Moennig, Kate Bosworth, Rodney Scott

IMDB : 7.9 (1,196 votes)


Description This series portrays life at Rawley Summer Academy, an elite school in Connecticut where boys with a bright Ivy League future spend the summer industriously in classes and rowing training on the lake. It's mainly told from the viewpoint of Will Krudski, a gifted, genuinely inquisitive student and future writer, who feels guilty having cheated at the entry exams. His roommate, Scout Calhoun, is a school legacy who makes an effort to become friendly with some underprivileged local kids and falls in love with the daughter of a garage owner who turns out to be family. Most of his classmates are golden spoon boys, but still have their problems, among each-other, at home and sometimes with the locals. Actually Jacqueline 'Jake' Pratt is a girl pretending to be a boy as the only way to get in, causing great confusion for Hamilton, the school dean's son, who begins to fall for her.


  • LariBroo 2013-01-08 22:30:11
    It bothers me that kate is straight in this series after watching the l word, but it seems good
  • Hobo 2012-12-18 17:33:02
    wow kate is really different in young americans and l word, i m fucking shocked!
  • mobaydick 2012-08-27 00:21:19
    omg Ian is soOOOO YOUNG
  • Quaasia Hale 2012-06-21 17:20:53
    why did it have to end every body going to want to see more and there no more shows
  • leonkennedy1259 2012-02-16 23:00:15
    i remember watching this when i was little........
  • anguiano49 2012-02-11 06:33:26
    whats the name of the song that stars in 0:28
  • Silver 2012-01-23 18:31:22
    Ian is now hotter than then you only have to watch him on his first apparition in Vampire Diaries He gets better and better with the age <3
  • Heather Porter 2012-01-16 19:03:31
    i love ian somerhalder :)
  • jahammercrazy 2011-07-02 04:09:39
    @yrsamyrsa No there is no real movie, I made it up
  • yrsamyrsa 2011-05-28 08:06:05
    is there a movie? where can i see/buy it, and what's it called? i've tried seaching, but i can't find nything:(
  • ilovecornets 2011-02-10 10:21:55
    Omg this is good! How I wish it's true.
  • hellenistic 2010-12-16 04:37:18
    Omg, I just love Ian and Kate as a couple. They're super gorgeous together.
  • deadly sober 2010-11-20 21:44:30
    omg i have been searching for about 2 days for this film and have just realised that it isn't real ARGHHHH, good trailer though
  • Briana Knolts 2010-08-11 18:28:41
    i have a question.. Are these scenes all from young americans or are there other shows in it 2.. Cuzz i really don't remember that they meet each other again after "Jake" leaves.. and if there are other shows in it can someone tell me which? !!
  • laraalicia07 2010-06-20 10:43:09
    wow..this is great... :-)
  • Moira S 2010-04-04 16:30:17
    lollllll so Not gonna heppend they wont make a movie....
  • Amber Musselman 2009-12-04 02:29:08
    haha, this is clever. thisis YA for the first half and it used the l word and another show to put together scenes from another show and you can even here jenny's voice. this isnt true but its really clever.
  • nabs0214 2009-09-18 14:11:09
    aren't some scenes from l word?
  • rubietheone3 2009-07-17 10:52:07
    -i don't know the first song, but if you like this style of music, the opening is very similar to "by this river" by Brian Eno. -second song is "black lines to battlefields" by Acceptance. -last romantic song is "Star" by Calandar girl. un ptit conseil, sur youtube, si tu veux qu'on te réponde essaie d'écrire en anglais, surtout sur une vidéo en anglais ! hope it helped.
  • maria058 2008-12-08 03:17:29
    i'm still mad that YA got cut like that...grr

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