Bloomington (2010)

Bloomington (2010)

Director Fernanda Cardoso

Writer Fernanda Cardoso

Genre Drama

Year 2010

Actors Allison McAtee, Sarah Stouffer, Katherine Ann McGregor, Ray Zupp

IMDB : 6.1 (3,398 votes)


Description "Bloomington" is a coming-of-age drama about a former child actress attending college in search of independence and who ends up becoming romantically involved with a female professor.


  • Dayana Reyes 2012-03-23 23:49:00
    Great Movie! I love it, they should make more movies like this!!
  • Valeria Lopez 2012-03-14 11:38:48
    @maria17954 hola me encanto esta pelicula my live in ecuador
  • buffysanchaz 2011-11-24 03:05:26
    just watched this itss so good, been dying to watch it and it was worth it so much. not a too bad ending, tbf they usually end shitty and "hating" each other which i thought at one point but it was good. great casting aswell cat and jaqi are ace!! really crossing my fingers for anumber two, like meet after theyve gone their ways and stuff! really goooood film neways <3 x
  • LostSecrets 2011-11-15 22:09:06
    @always4everjl I wished it was a happy ending too! Hoping the film would extend longer when the end neared :P
  • always4everjl 2011-10-07 10:53:39
    i Love this movie :)!!! just Next time a better ending please?
  • AsianNYer75 2011-09-20 13:42:44
    I just saw this movie and I love it. Hopefully there is will be Bloomington 2 with a happier ending :)
  • maria rivera 2011-08-03 01:45:23
    The teacher is very hot and I wouldn't mind making out with her if I were a student. Yummm. Eating her out would be my pleasure. (;
  • maria rivera 2011-08-03 01:44:32
    I watched this movie and found it unrealistic. Why couldn't the teacher just look for someone outside of the college? Why there? Didn't she think of her job before starting this affair with the student? The two started off very quick. They saw each other 3 times and quickly went to Catherine's home. Jackie looks like she is 12 which makes Catherine look like her mother. I give the movie a 3/5. The acting wasn't so good but the making out scenes were hot.
  • AmphipolisXoXo 2011-07-30 23:08:33
    I find it hot when both are hot and has age gap like 'loving anabelle' and 'cracks'.
  • Zelot Brood 2011-06-19 08:27:50
    i find it very easy to masturbate wile watching this movie.
  • Slybacon19 2011-06-16 12:32:47
    worst acting ever in this movie..... BUT.... there's girls making out in it, so its gotta win an award!!!
  • Micaela Miranda 2011-06-05 02:41:25
    Best movie eva!!! Allison McAtee is cute N hot!!!
  • LukewarmFlame 2011-04-11 19:58:24
    best movie in the world *___*

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