The World Unseen (2007)

The World Unseen (2007)

Director Shamim Sarif

Writer Shamim Sarif (novel), Shamim Sarif (screenplay)

Genre Drama

Year 2007

Actors Lisa Ray, Sheetal Sheth, Parvin Dabas, Nandana Sen

IMDB : 6.8 (2,691 votes)


Description A drama centered on two women who engage in a dangerous relationship during South Africa's apartheid era.


  • Marcela Quintanilla 2016-12-11 17:57:03
    I love these girls, thanks guys for this beautiful movie. Hope to see them in another movie.
  • Ggdivine18 2016-05-23 22:16:17
    They have a very good chemistry together hope they will work again in another movie.
  • Ara 2016-03-17 07:47:42
    I watched this movie for the first time this year and it was truly a treasure amongst all the other movies I have seen. It was beautiful on so many levels and touches so many different subjects and emotions.
  • Krystel lamperouge 2016-01-22 09:04:15
    where I can watch the full movie?of it?
  • Natalia Nati 2015-12-29 04:15:51
    It`s just an amazing movie!!! I need to whatch this, but need to have legend in portuguese.
  • Ghost Snow 2015-12-20 21:15:57
    it seems to me this two beautiful women are saying to lgbt haters : well frankly dear i dont give a damn i queer i love the both of them they are so beautiful to me even im not gay
  • kp santi 2015-08-18 03:16:10
  • Smack 2013-09-18 09:28:55
    mustafa 0537,5780,72
  • mumbasa 2013-09-06 04:38:38
    The music or soundtrack reminds me of "Out of Africa" movie soundtrack they sound know the one with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford way back in 1987
  • kendra swagz 2013-05-15 22:27:47
    Are there really datin in real life,...cuz am feelin their swagz of love, movie
  • kendra swagz 2013-05-15 22:25:09
    gosh,...i cant even think straight again after watchin diz movies acted by 2 beautiful lady,...itz jus so real
  • Rouge One 2011-11-02 02:37:50
    I'm white/english person and I don't give a crap what religion or ethnical back ground Lisa Ray is from, to me she is a beautiful and talented actress. Plus she goddam hot!!
  • Thedarksecret1 2011-09-23 07:18:02
    Yeah, Lisa Ray is HALF-INDIAN and HALF-POLISH.
  • raazs35 2011-09-18 14:28:26
    @Thedarksecret1 the actors who played indians are indians in real including lisa ray whose father is indian.indians are treated as 'coloured' immigrants during apartheid and are required to carry passes to enter white parts of the city
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  • devilshomie 2011-05-25 04:40:54
    Wouldn't it kind of make more sense if her love intrest was black I mean since there were racial segregation in Africa mainly between Blacks and Whites. Just saying
  • Enlightenment Productions 2011-03-04 13:51:56
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  • mnmosh2008 2011-03-02 13:21:06
    begi 18!!
  • Tumua Faasua 2010-12-14 05:26:21
    Man I love the opening music!! It takes your breath away!! Excellent movie and love all the cast especially Lisa & Sheetal!! Shamim, you did a wonderful job with the girls! You are my favorite director now!! Never had one before!! I love all the work you've done with both films! I was on a volcanic island in the South Pacific when both films came out and now I'm back in Cali and can't stop watching these two movies and all the videos! Awesome!!! I love it, love it, love it all!!! Thank you
  • Thedarksecret1 2010-08-12 15:01:00
    Wait...Indian people were white during apatheid? I guess that you learn something new everyday.

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