Gia (1998)

Gia (1998)

Director Michael Cristofer

Writer Jay McInerney, Michael Cristofer

Genre Biography, Drama, Romance

Year 1998

Actors Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Mitchell, Eric Michael Cole, Kylie Travis

IMDB : 7.0 (31,599 votes)


Description When Gia Carangi first arrives in New York City, she's a beautiful drop-out from Philadelphia brashly bursting through the closed doors of top modeling agent Wilhelmina Cooper. Gia's electrifying personality and potent sexuality soon find their way onto the covers of America's top-selling magazines. But being loved by the world isn't the same as being love by one - an unfulfilled desire that can take Gia dangerous places. And for a beautiful woman, one slip could lead to an untimely and terrifying downfall.


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    crazy amazing movie I don't think you were expecting it to go as it did,the real supermodel who was America's first supermodel and the world's first I feel Gia Marie Carangis life was so tragic this movie was just amazing,been inlove with Gia since,thank you to everyone Angelina Jolie too even though she looked and looks absolutely nothing like the real Gia,but great movie,depressing and tragic sad,but,that's how it was. God bless us all amen,as Gia used to say,love on ya
  • Yoyi Meldo 2016-10-05 10:09:33
    such an amazing move i definitely have a massive crush on angelina jolie
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    Am watching this trailer from Wendy Williams Show. Didn't know a movie called Gia existed
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