The Moth Diaries (2011)

The Moth Diaries (2011)

Director Mary Harron

Writer Rachel Klein (novel), Mary Harron (screenplay)

Genre Drama, Horror, Mystery

Year 2011

Actors Sarah Bolger, Anne Day-Jones, Sarah Gadon, Valerie Tian

IMDB : 4.9 (5,276 votes)


Description Rebecca is suspicious of Ernessa, the new arrival at her boarding school. But is Rebecca just jealous of Ernessa's bond with Lucie, or does the new girl truly possess a dark secret?


  • Hundredwaters 2012-03-27 14:45:16
    aaah yea. thanks :))
  • hass mackie 2012-03-26 13:51:35
    [Writer and Director of American Psycho] That explains it.
  • ab4157 2012-03-20 01:29:48
    @KPanem he's from the show felicity. his names scott speedman. he also had a small part in the vow...hope that helps :)
  • Hundredwaters 2012-03-19 18:24:17
    aah, does anyone know the name of the man/teacher?? please tell me ._. know him from anywhere
  • Rachel Julie 2012-03-19 10:26:32
    read this worrk... idk what to think. it was... odd
  • TKM9804 2012-03-15 20:09:47
    @ribcutter Sarah Bolger is not ugly
  • starwarsnerd100 2012-03-15 05:32:53
  • Matthew 2012-03-14 01:21:49
    Bitches be crazy...
  • sophacation 2012-03-12 20:27:36
    Dear god, please don't tell me the supernatural genre has resulted to half-human, half-moth people.
  • H Boogie 2012-03-04 06:17:03
    @ribcutter Don't blame the girls, blame the makeup artists.
  • nemesisnyc 2012-02-29 19:42:18
    the mothman diaries.....
  • fuhrerkingbradley 2012-02-29 00:33:07
  • Nuh özdemir 2012-02-28 15:15:19
    Ginger snaps had a fuck with twilight this is their baby
  • sometookmyname 2012-02-27 17:22:38
    01:28 ugly dolly face
  • Adastra14 2012-02-27 16:11:24
    ,,,also, she glows in the dark.
  • Randy Radomsky 2012-02-27 07:58:29
    it's just movie dude,don't talking bad bout' this movie..It's great Movie
  • archerhood01 2012-02-26 18:34:28
    The fuck did I just watch...?
  • Quartus Saul 2012-02-26 13:39:24
    ebanaya urodka
  • Skwaks 2012-02-26 12:03:51
    the mansion from 0:40 is also used in the girl with the dragon tattoo.
  • SayWhat336 2012-02-26 11:20:15
    That Big headed bitch looks like Chicken Little

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