Treading Water (2001)

Treading Water (2001)

Director Lauren Himmel

Writer Julia Hollinger

Genre Drama

Year 2001

Actors Angie Redman, Nina Landey, Annette Miller, Robert Harte

IMDB : 5.7 (371 votes)


Description Casey has rejected her privileged upbringing and restores old boats for a living. She lives with her beautiful social worker girlfriend Alex in what seems like a cozy new life until her ...


  • The Fabulous Llama Lolakt AJ 2016-11-28 06:34:08
    Nina Landey Is Actually One Of My Friends Mothers!
  • Martindoesthingz 2015-05-19 00:48:13
    The man who plays the Brother is Actually My Drama Teacher!!!
  • nats soon 2014-09-13 21:39:01
    I first saw the film at the London Gay and Lesbian film Festival years ago, then bought the dvd. It's one of my favourite films. The chemistry between the actresses is great and the story is close to real life. A really good film.
  • Barbara sajpel 2014-03-26 22:15:35
    this is a great movie,,,,,,,
  • Evyta35 2013-11-17 07:56:11
    How can I see this movie on my iPhone , how can I purchase
  • hkfljj 2013-11-03 07:14:14
    where can i watch it?
  • crazyskin1411 2013-08-13 15:52:25
    this movie is magnificent!!!
  • Wolfe Video 2013-07-01 22:33:09
    You can rent ($3.99 US) or buy ($14.99 US) the digital download from WolfeOnDemand [dot] com — it is available worldwide and the site accepts six different international currencies. The site has a huge selection of other LGBT films as well. Thanks for supporting LGBT filmmakers!
  • Nettacut Smith 2013-06-27 22:40:28
    Could please upload the whole movie in parts.
  • laura dixon 2013-06-20 21:38:31
    trop bonnes
  • Project Jellybean 2012-06-08 00:40:45
    big angie redman fan
  • SuperShoebag 2012-02-01 02:22:28
  • yaponka 2008-02-26 17:30:52
    I've downloaded movie from torrents but I barely can understand what is saying sometimes, that's why I wanted to watch it once more with subs anyway, thnx for reply)
  • Wolfe Video 2008-02-25 18:15:08
    Hi, Not sure I understand...the film is an English language film. It is available for U.S. residents' purchase on WolfeVideo (dot) com.
  • yaponka 2008-02-23 20:42:26
    anyone got english subtitles to this movie? if you do, send it to me PLEASE! thnx!

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