Desert Hearts (1985)

Desert Hearts (1985)

Director Donna Deitch

Writer Jane Rule (novel), Natalie Cooper

Genre Drama, Romance

Year 1985

Actors Helen Shaver, Patricia Charbonneau, Audra Lindley, Andra Akers

IMDB : 7.0 (3,236 votes)


Description It is 1950s Nevada, and Professor Vivian Bell arrives to get a divorce. She's unsatisfied with her marriage, and feels out of place at the ranch she stays on, she finds herself increasingly...


  • Francesco Mazzella 2015-01-25 23:08:49
    Love is a force of nature :) I have always loved this movie for the sensibility :)
  • K Δ N U B E 2013-02-24 08:53:00
    1:42 brokeback mountain all the way lol
  • Sandra Buccolo 2013-01-14 18:32:53
    La Mejorrrr!!!!
  • bluetooth333123 2012-10-01 23:15:14
    Yeeeah, I would but I don't trust it to be virus-free.
  • bluetooth333123 2012-01-28 06:58:37
    I can't find this online! I've looked everywhere but it's all DivX or whatever it's called, I can't get it to work.
  • kiheisun 2012-01-09 03:21:03
    This trailer didn't do justice to the movie.
  • seniorsabino 2011-10-26 23:22:44
    simply beautiful
  • 9TinEyTee7 2011-06-12 17:57:46
    the narrator of this trailer... he sounded like a narrator from a crime documentary show.. lol
  • Karla Garcia Trujillo 2011-02-24 01:46:16
    I can't believe there was a trailer for it... Awesome movie. Well made my favorite. "I met someone who counts" classic
  • ciderscot 2011-02-18 23:29:35
    One of my all-time favourite films. The first Lesbian film I ever saw that had a happy ending. Thanks for posting this.
  • Stacey Melling 2011-01-10 22:01:08
    Probably one of the most beautiful films I've everseen. I can't stop watching it. And the Patsy Cline soundtrack. Sublime :)
  • Aliyah M. 2010-12-20 10:00:26
    I Can't Think Straight is 100x better.
  • SummerFif 2010-11-29 12:01:58
    where cn i watch this??
  • maria2649 2010-11-08 12:56:18
  • Shay 2010-09-25 23:38:25
    @TheADN777 Honestly, I don't remember.
  • TheADN777 2010-09-25 15:31:05
    @BobSince1934 hey in this movie's end r they going to newyork together???
  • Shay 2010-07-25 17:40:19
    The movie looks a lot better than the book. The book was actually kinda boring. I wasn't impressed, but this looks like it's good.
  • cwu 2010-02-28 16:44:41
    what's this song?
  • Linz- Z 2010-01-30 21:37:12
  • Helena Andrejkova 2009-11-22 14:57:27
    Beautiful film

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