Lucky Blue (2007)

Lucky Blue (2007)

Director Håkon Liu

Writer Håkon Liu

Genre Short, Romance

Year 2007

Actors Tobias Bengtsson, Tom Lofterud, Britta Andersson, Johan Friberg

IMDB : 7.1 (857 votes)


Description Olle, an introverted, well-mannered boy with an air of innocence and sincerity about him has been camping with his father at the same camping ground with several other people for years now. A sort of tradition that ends in a karaoke party. Then one summer, a family friend brings her reticent 'city boy' nephew, Kevin, and his pet budgerigar. Olle accidentally releases the bird and what follows is a discovery of friendship and love between the guy who has grown up in a loving environment and simply accepts love for what it is and the guy who's apparently been burned too many times in his own circle to feel comfortable with it.


  • Lucifer Nature 2017-02-12 03:39:47
    really weird film. i couldn't understand why was olle interested in that jackass . the plot was mostly stupid with weirdly created tension in the story. Why were they getting so worked up about who gets to sing karaoke. I know the guys were hot and everything and i get olle's character but in my opinion kevin had no redeemable qualities he was just fucking around with olle's emotions.
  • Juan Vélez 2016-07-28 05:58:38
    I love this film. I have watched it at least four times.  The actors, the story... it's enchanting. It captivates you.
  • Eder Farias 2016-05-26 02:22:21
    lindos....queria mais..
  • nivribocaj 2015-09-28 15:33:04
    I'm watching this again after 6 years. Does anyone know any social media account of Tobias Bengtsson I can follow? It's a shame he's not done any more movies. He's a fantastic actor!
  • FABRIKKATOR 2015-08-21 14:05:01
    Olle collapsed in love ! Very nice character !
  • rico solo 2015-05-10 05:31:12
    I'm calling all the faries out there. Please turn this crazy beautiful short film into a movie. Pleeeease!!!
  • Khadija Ali 2015-05-03 03:15:35
    Is the bird a he or she?
  • Donald Edward 2015-04-12 11:58:17
    Subtitle are good. Not the cheapies hard to understand.
  • Robert Fujak 2014-12-26 13:38:09
    Piękny film. Siper. Trzeba kochać i być tolerancyjny.
  • José Rodríguez 2014-11-24 06:00:36
    Gay people has felling or they are Human too...
  • joseph mendoza 2014-11-13 09:14:58
    Cute film :)
  • rico solo 2014-06-28 04:59:16
    ~I wish they would make a movie out of this beautiful short film. ^^
  • Darijen Zornaen 2014-05-20 17:23:23
    ..strangely morose. I would demand to go on holiday somewhere else..! 
  • James Bjorkroos 2014-05-07 23:57:50
  • Angel Johnson 2014-03-29 21:37:17
    Kevin and Olle are so cute!
  • Cole 2014-03-13 00:59:28
    Olle is so cute
  • Isabel Armour 2014-02-26 12:42:25
    Beautiful music..
  • Mercedes Arellano 2013-12-16 03:22:18
    I think that boy should date
  • Diamond Grader 2013-12-06 07:45:46
    NO to captions.
  • BoredOut OfMyMind 2013-10-16 18:35:10
    aaw that was sweet! seeing stuff like this really warms my heart, 'cause I'm from finland:D And I think that people in usa are very successful and smart, assuming that you are an american? Anyways, it is always nice to see that nordic people are respected at least to some degreein the world;)

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