Bayard & Me (2017)

Bayard & Me (2017)

Director Matt Wolf

Genre Documentary, Short

Year 2017


Description Bayard Rustin was the organizer of the March on Washington and one of the leaders of the civil rights movement. In the 1980s Bayard adopted his younger boyfriend Walter Naegle to obtain the legal protections of marriage. In this intimate love story, Walter remembers Bayard and a time when gay marriage was inconceivable. He reflects on the little known phenomena of intergenerational gay adoption and its connection to the civil rights movement.


  • THE NICKY DIARIES 2017-01-19 08:39:06
    ive made a "it gets better" video over on my channel, but its important that everyone understands how precious their life is and how beautiful you ALL are. everyone is different in many ways, no two people exactly the same when it comes down to their thoughts. but life is worth living, and no matter what it is important for people to realise that you can write your own chapter in your book, dont let other people write it! life is what YOU make of it! :)
  • Kumtekmeon 2017-01-16 23:17:28
    Well, since African American won't claim Bayard, let Gay American do because he deserves so much more recognition.

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