Kali Ma (2007)

Kali Ma (2007)

Director Soman Chainani

Writer Soman Chainani

Genre Short, Thriller

Year 2007

Actors Brendan Bradley, Manish Dayal, Kamini Khanna, Trevis Waters

IMDB : 5.8 (323 votes)


Description When an Indian mother finds out her son is the victim of a vicious bully, she delivers her own brand of vigilante justice. Part electric action thriller, part exhilarating comedy, KALI MA finds the secrets that divide mothers and sons and the love that brings them together.


  • Greenkai3000 2012-08-29 02:36:31
    BEST GAY SHORT FILM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • adam k 2012-03-24 08:00:59
    white boy got his ass kicked !!!!
  • njrichie56 2012-01-29 00:59:18
    This is a funny movie, don't be fooled by this trailer
  • Eduardo Gold Valz Gen 2011-10-09 17:04:30
    this looks intense!
  • INKA 2011-09-18 23:35:59
    Yeah alter! Und um was gehts jetzt?
  • Carol Klavon 2011-07-06 06:01:53
    @taishichan I'll tell you why, because this would have gotten the dreaded NC-17 rating, which means little distribution, and ends up being @ the Independent Film Festivals, or straight to DVD.
  • JCEOWOODARD Pr!ester!koplous 2010-10-12 23:42:41
    Great with all the gay bashing in most recent days... the is surely a lesson of intolerance... anyone can save your life so be respectful of your fellowman and woman!
  • Thuggee 2009-08-12 19:18:47
    i wonder why he pulled down his underwear? it looks a bit dodgy dos that
  • Rose Red 2009-03-08 08:42:06
    This looks really funny. But it's a bit borderline.. is it supposed to serious?
  • Julie F 2007-10-22 01:21:57
    same here! i saw it on logo as well,and i must admit,it was quite entertaining!!! very interesting short film!!

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