Tonight It's Me (2014)


Director Dominic Haxton

Writer Dominic Haxton, Eric Jett, Charles Mallison, Jake Robbins (story)

Genre Short, Drama, Romance

Year 2014

Actors Neil Elliot, Caleb James, Christian Patrick, Jake Robbins

IMDB : 7.1 (126 votes)


Description A hot young hustler finds himself in uncharted waters when he spends the night with a client who's far from the "johns" he's used to servicing.


  • tim 2017-03-13 21:19:17
    this kind of felt pointless like nothing happened it was just a prostitute selling himself and the "poignant" moment of "why do you like being a boy" everyone in the comments liked didn't have any weight to it and was flat af.
  • Abhishek Singh 2017-03-10 06:45:08
    may I know this actor name
  • Feeluck 2017-02-26 22:20:06
    what does that old man say at 1:00?
  • Marc Adams 2017-02-12 07:37:26
    No offense but to me the he/she thingie was disgusting. This would have been hotter if it were two actual Boys identifying as such.
  • Marc Adams 2017-02-12 07:34:33
    Old perv in begining was disgusting as hell...Ugh
  • Pia Isabel Vargas 2017-02-08 14:13:02
    CJ's reaction at the end frustrates me every time I watch this. Yes, I've watched this film a lot of times because it's so good. That cliffhanger where you feel CJ should have done something more. Gaaaahh! I want a sequel to this so bady! >.<
  • dazzle lane 2017-01-22 11:23:20
    Ash is so pretty
  • PRINCESS AMIRA 2017-01-19 04:00:29
    Show those dick
  • Latoya Lee 2017-01-12 20:59:11
  • Maia Luv 2017-01-09 05:26:12
    Anyone Else Get Slim Shady Vibes From The Blonde?
  • Virgilio Cerqueira 2017-01-06 18:01:57
    Homosexuals have to recruit new homosexuals to keep up their lifestyle. Gay men would like us to believe that they have a special connection with men. In fact, they have an alienation from men. Gay men feel uncomfortable around other men. That's why they eroticise them -because you're not going to eroticise what you're familiar with; you're going to eroticise what is beyond your reach. And that's what we call same-sex ambivalence.
  • Pieter Jansen van Vuuren 2017-01-05 19:35:08
    We want to see part two guys please! :-) my email [email protected]
  • Julia Esposito 2016-12-31 03:01:02
    #one night stand
  • Skittl3zMonst3rZ 2016-12-31 01:45:28
    "why do you like being a boy?" The look on his face was a solid "oh shit..."
  • StopMyFall36 2016-12-28 18:07:04
  • Hussam Edin 2016-12-28 11:54:06
    It's horrible mother fuck it
  • nomotto 2016-12-28 05:10:59
    good short
  • Elmer Nagsagaray 2016-12-24 11:39:45
    so touching
  • 4jimmycurtis 2016-12-22 07:20:35
    Can Jake just marry me?? UGH!!
  • Captain Franco 2016-12-18 05:48:59
    Wow, great to see gender bending and transgenderism in film!

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