The Night (2014)

The Night (2014)

Director Hao Zhou

Writer Hao Zhou

Genre Drama

Year 2014

Actors Hao Zhou, Xiao Xiao Liu, Jin Kang Li, Feng Qi Zhou

IMDB : 6.0 (28 votes)


Description Lives of male and female prostitutes in China.


  • Grizzly Melon 2016-04-07 03:03:44
    Giving this a watch just for Kevin, but i`m not expecting much of the story/horror itself this.
  • norman bates 2016-04-03 07:21:28
    he's not hunting vampires anymore?
  • Mary Ann Ho 2016-03-31 05:27:47
    looks like a job for Sam & Dean Winchester..
  • Ulquiorra Schiffer1 2016-03-13 05:40:51
    i was so disappointed in the ending of this movie. If it was a werewolf movie, it would have been awesome.
  • I need a name 2016-03-12 15:39:29
    it's just a green monster... well a lot green monsters
  • Hampus H 2016-02-28 21:15:41
    Shuffle an Ancient Curse into your deck. When drawn, deal 7 damage to your hero.
  • EvJodi Ares 2016-02-18 11:05:50
    Jersey Devil
  • HorroRviXenKate 2016-02-15 18:51:56
    This movie is on sale on Amazon, but strangely it has two different titles aka Monster Hunter , and Beast this is the third title I have seen this movie called , btw it looks pretty damn awesome ,has some great actors too =)
  • Melissa James 2016-02-15 17:16:35
    this movie was pretty good. Nice and creepy kind of like 30 days of night (the first one..not the shitty sequels) it was a breath of fresh air from the stupid teenage slasher films that everyone and anyone seems to shit out every few days.
  • Jose Pena 2016-02-13 01:16:55
    its a good movie I recommend it
  • TheDJBANGA 2016-02-12 23:17:44
    Good to see Lukas Haas working again!!!!
  • Neptune Motion 2016-02-11 10:41:07
    nothing special just dark sounds from Kontakt Xosphere!!!!!!!!
  • The Aristocrat 2016-02-06 20:07:49
    is this movie worth watching
  • Kingandhorse 2016-01-30 09:43:49
    it was a really good movie up untill they revealed the horribly ugly CGI monster that looked like a albino poop.
  • thug senpai 2016-01-24 22:39:16
    isnt he the fathers bodyguard in the movie Big Mommas House
  • Ethan Bell 2016-01-23 19:04:28
    Agreed kevin durand is awesome
  • MrFunnyCloud 2016-01-18 17:19:08
    promising true horror... none of that anti-christ or ultimate evil bs in the trailer so I'm excited for this one
  • Patricia Yvonne Andres 2016-01-18 07:45:41
    Every horror trailer I watched, I kept wondering how the Winchesters are going to solve their problem.
  • Allah Is The Greatest 2016-01-08 22:41:35
    love this actor , but I hate such movies
  • LookUpWaywardLepers 2016-01-03 04:16:55
    All I see is a douchey Martin Keamy killing Alex 'cause Benjamin Linus was a coward. When will I ever let that go? I don't know.

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