Girltrash: All Night Long (2014)

Girltrash: All Night Long (2014)

Director Alexandra Kondracke

Writer Angela Robinson

Genre Comedy, Crime, Drama

Year 2014

Actors Lisa Rieffel, Erin Kelly, Michelle Lombardo, Johnny Dunn

IMDB : 6.5 (857 votes)


Description Set during one long night in the LGBT sub-culture of Los Angeles, Daisy and Tyler are two rock and roll musicians who are selected to partake in a battle of the bands contest to claim a prize. But while on their way to the concert, their van breaks down and they are sidetracked by Daisy's younger sister, Colby, a recent college graduate who agrees to drive them to the concert if they help her hook up with her girl-crush; a struggling actress named Misty. Also tagging along is Misty's bisexual best friend Sid, who longs to hook up with a famous celebrity. However, Misty is not interested in hooking up with Colby because she has her sights on Tyler. Meanwhile, Daisy tries to win back her ex-girlfriend, Xan, who is on a date with her latest girlfriend who is competing against Daisy and Tyler's band that very night. Elsewhere, Monique Jones is a violent ex-con recently paroled from prison who comes looking for Daisy and Tyler with a score to settle.


  • verveblack 2014-03-03 15:59:49
    I liked it better in the black and white.
  • Familie DiSimone 2014-03-01 21:06:20
    I ordered from germany and received my copy within two weeks. Super duppa fast :-) I'm a really happy girl now. I love this Film. I cannot stop watching. Congratulation to a great Musical that was supported by amazing looking ladies :-)
  • TheEighthAct 2014-02-15 20:04:17
    I've seriously been waiting nearly three years for this to come out. It's been an ETERNITY
  • claraj1968 2014-02-12 23:59:08
    It looks good, but I would like it better if it wasn't a musical, I am not really into musicals! So I will pass, maybe I will watch it if it comes on Netflix, but I'm not buying it!
  • Redsonoran 2014-02-12 03:54:29
    +POWERUPFILMS will this movie be available for purchase to stream online or HD download?
  • Luca Libanio 2014-02-11 23:20:34
  • MrRudyc85 2014-02-08 22:13:50
    So the gay couple from South of Nowhere made a a lesbian sing along. OK
  • Courtney Gee 2014-02-07 15:40:49
    I( oredered the dvd and t shirt, but I only got the tshirt. I havent gotten the dvd yet. I ordered it a few weeks ago.
  • Emma James 2014-02-07 11:52:34
    I got my copy the film so fucking awesome it's my fave lgbtq film ever
  • POWERUPFILMS 2014-01-31 16:28:52
    Did you know that the only married lesbian couple to write/direct a film is Angela (DEBS) Robinson and Alex Kondracke. Our MOVIE COMES OUT TODAY We are so very proud of it! FUNNY! SEXY! MUSIC! and so much more. PLEASE support POWER UP films (a non-profit prod & educational organization) and buy it now! P L E A S E   S H A R E Mentorship at POWER UP films!
  • westkid 2014-01-31 09:58:08
    Can I use paypal or buy from amazon? 
  • POWERUPFILMS 2014-01-31 00:46:34
    Did you know that the only married lesbian couple to write/direct a film is  Angela (DEBS) Robinson and Alex Kondracke.  Our MOVIE COMES OUT FRIDAY! We are so very proud of it! FUNNY! SEXY! MUSIC! and so much more.  PLEASE support POWER UP films (a non-profit prod & educational organization) and buy it now!     P L E A S E   S H A R E
  • Pax Prescott 2014-01-13 01:05:14
    Tasha? Was that you?
  • POWERUPFILMS 2014-01-10 00:42:21
    Hey Girls, would you please share on your page, it would mean a lot to me and POWER UP an all volunteer non profit just trying to move forward! IF YOU LIKED D.E.B.S., THE L WORD, ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTEE OR South of Nowhere, you will LOVE GIRLTRASH: All Night Long! Come on and get trashed! with Lisa Rieffel, Michelle Lombardo, Gabrielle Christian, Mandy Musgrave, Rose Rollins, Clementine Ford, Kate French, Megan Cavanagh, Kelly Ogden, Malaya Rivera Drew, Jessica Chaffin, Erin Kelly, Heather Thomas, Mike O’Connell, Killola, Dollyrots and more in GIRLTRASH: All Night Long written by Angela Robinson and directed by Alex Kondracke.
  • reem930 2014-01-08 06:28:20
    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  yup i need to see this
  • Chris Bohling 2013-12-30 16:07:23
    After having solicited pre-orders of the DVD promising a Dec. 15 release, Power Up Films decided they would delay the release until February. The legality of this is at best questionable. Now, in some sort of weird cover-up, they delete posts about this decision.
  • JMouseish 2013-12-29 02:30:10
    love it, any tips to have fake sex,...
  • L 2013-12-28 21:02:05
    I would so get the DVD, but i feel like i'd be outing myself if my mom gets her grubby hands on the package. Just wish it would be out at Walmart or something lol
  • Carolina Azevedo 2013-12-28 03:26:14
    i can't wait to watch this movie. and i am sorry for not being able to buy it, but i live in europe, portugal, to be more accurate, and i don't think i can buy it from all the way here or if my parents would even allow it, so i'm sorry. but i will watch it on the internet as soon as possible. that is a promise i intend to keep.
  • TheMindless Cannibal 2013-12-20 13:03:03
    Ashley & Spencer, again!? YES!

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