Tru Love (2013)

Tru Love (2013)

Director Kate Johnston, Shauna MacDonald

Writer Kate Johnston, Shauna MacDonald

Genre Drama, Romance

Year 2013

Actors Kate Trotter, Peter MacNeill, Shauna MacDonald, Anna Cyzon

IMDB : 6.2 (353 votes)


Description TRU, 37, is a serial bed-hopping lesbian who cannot commit to a relationship or a job for long...that is, until she meets ALICE, 60, a beautiful widow, who has come to town at the last minute to visit her daughter, SUZANNE, 35, a too-busy corporate lawyer and Tru's friend. Alice and Tru begin to forge an unlikely friendship...and more. Suzanne, who has a deeply conflicted relationship with her mother and a complicated past with Tru, becomes increasingly alarmed at the growing bond between Tru and her mother. Tensions escalate after Suzanne witnesses an intimate moment between them. She tries to sabotage the budding romance, but it backfires, as Tru Love is hard to contain.


  • Endless Love 2017-01-14 06:51:47
    Very beautiful movie!!!
  • Mike Parker 2016-11-05 17:24:57
    A Canadian film about two woman, younger and older widow, who fall in love. Kate Trooter as Alice, the older lady is absoustely the best. I am close in age to her, but I have not seen such a beautiful woman on film like this. I could not take my eyes off her. This is a lesbian film but it is about love, no matter what the age or gender. Wonderful
  • Deandra Morris 2016-06-12 02:56:10
    I need the soundtrack! Especially the background music when they went to the restaurant and started getting to know each other. Any idea where I could download that track @wolfevideo?
  • Maria Rosangela Dos Santos Santos 2016-06-05 16:43:02
    vamo faço para vê o filme completo deu love
  • Kate Johnston 2016-02-13 22:13:29
    Thank you for all of the comments here about Tru Love. I am the co director. It is a thrill to know you loved it.
  • Ariss Zamora 2016-02-06 15:00:24
    LOVE doesnt look at age or gender. Love is real
  • jaycee x 2015-07-18 22:03:09
    how come the mother didn't have a cell phone?
  • g jusino 2015-06-25 20:25:20
    Cubby   Hole   west    Village  nyc   loves    RIZZO    WEST  12
  • g jusino 2015-06-25 20:24:43
    I  ve  @lways   loved   u   Stockard   Channing               1991
  • g jusino 2015-06-19 20:17:35
    79   st  nyc   Library                                          (  FILM  )
  • g jusino 2015-06-19 20:17:07
  • SJ Rizzie 2015-04-28 13:02:52
    where can i watch this movie?
  • Rock Jo 2015-03-10 00:05:44
    I absolutely looooooove this movie! It was perfect in every way. Kate Trotter as Alice was mesmerizing!!
  • Anyway Shane 2015-02-17 23:08:45
    I can't wait to see this movie. It's looks so promising and beautiful!!
  • Laura Peyton 2015-02-05 13:49:32
    Music starting 0:34 till 1:00? Does anybody know? Beautiful movie and part of my collection!!!! We want more. :D
  • khirr allen 2014-12-13 03:44:35
    Love this movie :)
  • Susan Blowers 2014-12-05 08:59:35
    One of the most beautiful movies ever very realistic, something I can relate with sadly . I do hope to see a soundtrack.
  • Discipal4goodmusic 2014-11-29 20:16:52
    A gorgeous movie! Beautiful!
  • MsVanity67 2014-11-18 15:58:34 a copy of this film.Beautifully executed by 3 stunning women.Especially Alice (Played by Kate Trotter), i loved her performance and story.i watched it 4 times and i saw something new each time.Brought me laughter at times but sobbed towards the end,my heart literally ached.I beleive we won't see another film done this way.Yes, by far this is the best lesbian love story, SO UNIQUE, BEAUTIFUL....IT WILL MOVE YOU TOO!
  • Deo Anne Marie Rapiz 2014-11-17 14:01:26
    my favorite lesbian movie Blue is the Warmest Color.. i want to see more great movie .. any suggestion?

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